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Licensing Sub-Committee - Miscellaneous

This page lists the meetings for Licensing Sub-Committee - Miscellaneous.

Please note that from 7th May 2021, local authorities have been required to return to in-person meetings.


Information about Licensing Sub-Committee - Miscellaneous

This sub-committee has responsibility for hackney carriage, private hire and miscellaneous licensing functions, which will include but not be limited to street trading, objects on the highway, scrap metal dealers, charitable collections and animal establishments. This sub-committee will normally meet monthly and the dates of the meetings have been set in advance.


***During the Covid-19 outbreak in early 2020  it was not possible to hold licensing committee meetings and applications were determined under delegation. Please refer to this page  which provides information on how Licensing Committee and decision making was determined at this time.


Licensing Committee resumed virtually on 24 June 2020 and since May 2021 meets in person in accordance with legislation.