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Apologies were received from Cllr. Jeffries.


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Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 324 KB

Minutes of the meeting held on 9th July 2019.


The minutes of the last meeting held on 9th July 2019 were approved and signed as a correct record.


Public and Member Questions and Petitions pdf icon PDF 94 KB




Question from Councillor David Willingham to Cabinet Member Development and Safety, Councillor Andrew McKinlay


I have been contacted by a number of residents in the new Taylor’s Yard development who are concerned about how the parking scheme on Malvern Walk will be implemented.  Concerns include the provision of screening to ensure that car headlights don’t shine into  windows in the new development, and the security implications when the car park is not operational.  There are also concerns about safety of cyclists using Malvern Walk to access the Honeybourne Line.  Could I please seek an assurance that prior to the implementation of parking on Malvern Walk, local consultation will be held with residents and Honeybourne Line users to ensure that their concerns are fully captured and appropriate mitigation measures are put in place?


Response from Cabinet Member


This issue is covered in the Cabinet report and I am pleased to be able to commit to a local consultation exercise, once the draft design for the revised car parking provision has been prepared. This draft design will take into account the issues already raised by Cllr Willingham in conjunction with the new Parking Order consultation.


Discussion at Cabinet


The member did not ask a supplementary question, but thanked the Cabinet for the responses to the question, which he said had been received positively by residents. One member clarified that further public consultation would take place.



A strategy for the management of Cheltenham's evening and night-time economy pdf icon PDF 398 KB

Report of the Cabinet Member Development and Safety

Additional documents:


The Cabinet Member Development and Safety introduced the report and drew Cabinet’s attention to statement 1 on Appendix 2 of the report, which specifically referred to the importance of safety at night-time, and suggested that discussion of the night-time economy must be broadened to take this into account.


The Chair invited the Chair of Licensing to speak. The Member praised the Council’s award of a Purple Flag for its night-time economy and praised the Ask For Angela scheme, which ensured that local venues had a protocol in place to help vulnerable individuals. The Cabinet Member Development and Safety also endorsed this scheme, but noted that it was generally applied in a sporadic and unstructured way by businesses.


The Member further noted the problems caused during race week, and the fact that racegoers coming into the town by train were already significantly under the influence of alcohol. The Cabinet Member Development and Safety agreed to support initiatives to make this safer. Although there were protocols in place at the racecourse itself to minimise public drunkenness, they did not cover the whole town, which was affected during race week.


The Leader of the Council confirmed that he was entirely supportive of the strategy. With regard to reference to the phasing out of the late night levy and it being replaced by the Cheltenham Business Improvement District (BID), the Leader offered to raise this at the BID Board when budgets were being considered in respect to the night time economy.


Finally, the Cabinet Member Development and Safety highlighted that the recommendations would follow the principles of making Cheltenham’s night-time economy accessible, inclusive and sustainable.




  1. The draft strategy for the management of Cheltenham’s evening and night-time economy be approved for adoption by the Authority.


Consideration of representations received and adoption of new Borough Parking Order pdf icon PDF 379 KB

Report of the Cabinet Member Development and Safety –TO FOLLOW  


Additional documents:


The Cabinet Member Development and Safety presented the report.


He outlined that this formed the fourth part of the Cheltenham Parking Strategy, addressing the areas not covered by previous steps. The new parking orders included much of the content of the previous orders, but incorporated the 2017 Parking Strategy. He referred to the parking season ticket, which covered all Cheltenham car parks apart from Regent Arcade, and discussed the introduction of new waiting times. He reported that the car parks in Church Piece and Whitefriars would remain unchanged, following the public response demonstrating a clear public need for them to do so. He also discussed the removal of the Sandford Park Lido car park from the parking order while negotiations continued with the trust, as well as the Malvern Walk car park, consultations regarding which were yet to be completed.




  1. The proposed removal of the Sandford Lido Car Park from the Off-Street Parking Places Order be confirmed.
  2. The Director of Environment be authorised to make the required amendments to the draft “Borough of Cheltenham (Off-Street Parking Places) Order 2019” as detailed at Section 6 of this report and in the responses to the public consultation at Appendix 9.
  3. The Director of Environment be authorisedto arrange for the sealing of the “Borough of Cheltenham (Off-Street Parking Places) Order 2019”.
  4. The Director of Environment be authorised to arrange for the publication of a Notice of Making of the Order with an appropriate date for the implementation of the Borough of Cheltenham (Off-Street Parking Places) Order 2019.


Food Safety Service Plan 2019 - 2020 pdf icon PDF 253 KB

Report of the Cabinet Member Development and Safety


Additional documents:


The Cabinet Member Development and Safety presented the report, and reminded Members that the Food Safety Service Plan was considered every September, and this year’s iteration reported that the correct enforcement procedures were being taken in order to ensure food safety.




  1. The Food Safety Service Plan for 2019-20 be approved.


Corporate Enforcement Policy pdf icon PDF 219 KB

Report of the Cabinet Member Development and Safety


Additional documents:


The Cabinet Member Development and Safety presented the report, and reported that the Council was responsible for combatting a wide range of offences, and emphasised the importance of acting in a fair and decisive manner, and being seen to do so.




  1. The Corporate Enforcement Policy be adopted.
  2. The Director of Environment and the Executive Director People and Change be authorised to approve future minor amendments to the Policy in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Development and Safety and the Borough Solicitor.


Corporate Health and Safety Policy pdf icon PDF 240 KB

Report of the Leader

Additional documents:


The Leader of the Council presented the report, and clarified that this policy referred specifically to the Council itself and its employees. He emphasised the principle of collective responsibility and the need for a set health and safety policy. There was little change from the previous policy.




  1. The updated Corporate Health and Safety Policy be approved.


Cheltenham Enterprise Centre pdf icon PDF 325 KB

Report of the Cabinet Member Finance

Additional documents:


The Cabinet Member Finance presented the report, which had been approved by the Asset Management Working Group on 5th September 2019. The Chair of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee had also been consulted.


The Cabinet Member Finance reported that Phase 2 of the Enterprise Centre had suffered delays in tendering and construction, mainly due to the new Crematorium project taking priority. The original estimated cost of £585,000 had been calculated using the industry standard. This cost had since increased to £1,003,600, due to the current political uncertainty and a significant element of construction workers working at Hinckley Point.

It was recommended that the budget be increased to £1.1m to cover this larger cost and to account for further contingency costs.

The Cabinet Member reported that once completed, the combined seven units were predicted to receive an annual rental income of £112,455. The lease agreements between the council and tenants were on a full repairing and insuring basis, with all costs for common areas being recovered by way of a service charge. The management of the project would be handled by the council’s Property & Asset Management department.

The Cabinet Member Finance highlighted that the development allowed the Council to increase income through strategic property investment, providing a commercial return in support of its Medium Term Financial Strategy and in response to current financial pressure.




  1. The further development of Cheltenham Enterprise Centre be approved as part of the Authority’s Property Portfolio Strategy.
  2. An additional budget allocation of £515,000 be approved in accordance with the delegation provided by Council on 12th December 2016.
  3. The tender received from EG Carter Construction to build the additional units be accepted with a total scheme cost not to exceed £1.1 million.
  4. Authority be delegated to the Head of Property Services, in consultation with the Borough Solicitor to:

·         Conclude the construction contract with EG Carter Construction.

·         Take all necessary steps and undertake all necessary procedures including the entering into of any legal arrangements or other documentation as may be required to implement or facility the development.


Briefing from Cabinet Members


The Cabinet Member Healthy Lifestyles discussed media coverage of the council’s No Child Left Behind initiative, and reported that the council had been invited to give a presentation to the Cities and the Regions in Brussels on 8th October.


The Cabinet Member Healthy Lifestyles reported that representatives would be attending the APSE service awards this week as finalists in categories for 'Best Commercial Council and Entrepreneurship Initiative', Best Collaborative Working Initiative category for our WW1 projection and the Best Service Team: Cemetery & Crematorium Service.


The Cabinet Member Healthy Lifestyles drew attention to the projections that would be demonstrated in February next year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of GCHQ.


The Cabinet Member Healthy Lifestyles reported that she had met with members of the Dementia Action Alliance. She emphasised the importance of the issue of dementia and thanked the Cheltenham Trust for its work on the subject.


The Cabinet Member Healthy Lifestyles reported on the NHS Trust presentation to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 9th September 2019 and the resolution by O&S to write to the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee at Gloucestershire County Council (HOS) outlining its concerns and asking for a response.


The Cabinet Member Finance reported on the progress of negotiations with the Sandford Park Lido trust.


The Leader of the Council reported that he had written to the Member of Parliament for Cheltenham, outlining the Council’s concerns about a possible no-deal Brexit and asking for clarity as soon as possible.