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Declarations of interest


The Cabinet Member Finance and Assets declared an interest in item 7 as a member of the BID, and left the meeting for the duration of the item.


Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 215 KB

Minutes of the meeting held on 16th February.


The minutes of the meeting held on 16th February 2021 were approved and signed as a correct record.


Public and Member Questions and Petitions pdf icon PDF 113 KB

These must be received no later than 12 noon on Tuesday 22nd April.


There were three public questions.


Question from Caroline Sherwood on behalf of Clean Air Cheltenham to the Cabinet Member Cyber and Safety, Councillor Andrew McKinlay


CBC has previously set up a Walking and Cycling Scrutiny Task Force which recommended implementing car-free days in Cheltenham. Their final report in 2016 was endorsed by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and then endorsed by the Cabinet.

Why has no action been taken since then, and in the light of CBC’s recent commitments to reducing air pollution and sustainable transport in the ‘Connecting Cheltenham’ strategy, will CBC now commit to Cheltenham taking part in World Car Free Day on 22 September this year?


Response from Cabinet Member


Many thanks for your question. The Walking and Cycling Scrutiny Task Force presented 12 recommendations as part of the 2016 report. Action has been taken on the majority of items and they continue to be considered in our steps toward carbon neutrality by 2030, and within the subsequent actions and aspirations arising from the detailed ‘Connecting Cheltenham’ report.  The introduction of ‘Car Free Sundays’ was a recommendation to ‘explore the opportunities’. The last year we have been responding heavily to the pandemic. We are aware of the car free day in September and plan to work with partners to see if there is some activity that can be jointly arranged. This is wholly dependent on the continued decline of the pandemic.


Supplementary question


We understand that GCC is proactively supporting Car Free Day this year, under the direction of Philip Williams. Apart from the progress of the pandemic, do you see any other barriers to this going ahead? Is the Council willing to collaborate with Clean Air Cheltenham, as one of the partners, to make the day a success and to inform GCC of the roads and areas that need to be car-free to accomplish this?


Response from Cabinet Member


This council certainly wants to support the car free initiative in any way we can, and it is good news that the county council is supporting this. Some details are unclear due to the situation with Covid, but if possible, the council will certainly work with GCC and Clean Air Cheltenham to ensure that it is a success.


Question from Peter Frings to the Cabinet Member Cyber and Safety, Councillor Andrew McKinlay


The council's latest annual Air Quality Annual Status Report confirms that ‘the current AQAP will be out of date by the end of 2019’. DEFRA guidelines are that a new AQAP must be in place within 12 months, i.e. the end of 2020.

Where is the new Cheltenham AQAP, and when does the council intend to consult with the public about the actions needed to tackle air pollution in the town?


Response from Cabinet Member


The AQAP became obsolete when the AQMA was revised in September 2020.  Statutory guidance requires a new AQAP to be published within 12 months of the new AQMA being confirmed.  This action, and the relevant timeline  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Adoption of Revised Street Scene Policy pdf icon PDF 387 KB

Report of the Cabinet Member Cyber and Safety

Additional documents:


The Cabinet Member Cyber and Safety presented the report, noting that the current street scene policy had been adopted in 2013 and reviewed in late 2020 and early 2021. The report informed Cabinet of the outcome of the consultation and sought approval to adopt the revised policy.

He highlighted section 3 of the report, which listed the key revisions in the revised policy. These included changes to the determination of applications, the lengthening of the period of consultation, formalising the requirement to maintain a 1.8m unobstructed thoroughfare for items on the highway, updating the authority’s streamlined approach to reflect changes in the county council’s delegations, and maintaining the current policy regarding A-boards.

He also highlighted section 4 of the report, which related to the Covid recovery. The council had adopted various different licensing policies to support local businesses during the pandemic, and these would remain in place until the crisis had ended and the council received instruction from the government that it was appropriate to return to its normal policies. He stressed that the policy changes within this report would not mean the end of the flexible licensing approach employed during the pandemic.

The Cabinet Member Finance and Assets reiterated the last point about the Covid recovery, praising officers for taking it into account and emphasising the need for a flexible approach until the crisis was over. The Leader of the Council echoed this, and thanked officers for making the proposed changes clear and easy to understand within the report.

The Leader of the Council moved to a vote, where it was unanimously:


1.    The consultation feedback and changes to the draft policy as a consequence be noted;

2.    The revised policy at Appendix 2 be adopted.


Ubico Business Plan 2021/22 and 5 Year Vision pdf icon PDF 337 KB

Report of the Leader of the Council

Appendix 2 (Ubico 2021/2022 business plan and 5 year vision) to follow

Additional documents:


The Leader of the Council presented the report, describing Ubico as a successful and well-respected local authority-owned company operating across the county. Its priority was to deliver safe and high quality services that met the needs of the authority’s shareholders and the residents they serve.

She acknowledged that 2020 had brought a series of considerably different challenges to anything they had faced before, and it had been essential to continue to deliver frontline services. In 2021 and 2022, much ongoing work would still be needed to continue meeting these challenges.

The proposals contained in the 2021/22 business plan were built around four pillars: People, Operation, Climate and Business Development. The plan sought to leverage synergies and economies of scale, harness opportunities to deliver value back to partners, use technology to drive operational efficiency, understand the communities’ needs, and inspire its workforce to be committed to providing value for money and carbon neutral services.

She added that Ubico would submit individual business cases to support potential investment proposals within the 2021/22 Business Plan to develop areas of the business that had been identified as having potential to deliver greater value for shareholders. While she as Leader of the Council had the authority to approve the business plan, she was bringing it to Cabinet to be noted in order to support greater transparency and involvement in the future strategic direction of Ubico.

The Leader of the Council moved to a vote, where it was unanimously:


1.    The Ubico 5 year vision and 2021/2022 Business Plan be noted;

2.    It be noted that the Leader of the Council, as shareholder representative, proposes to sign the written resolution to approve the Ubico 5 year vision and 2021/2022 Business Plan in due course.


Cheltenham Business Improvement District (BID) – Renewal Ballot pdf icon PDF 335 KB

Report of the Leader of the Council

Additional documents:


The Leader of the Council presented the report, noting that the Cheltenham Business Improvement District (BID) had been established in July 2016 with CBC acting as the billing authority. With the current term due to conclude in July 2021, the board of the Cheltenham BID decided it wished to proceed with a renewal ballot and notified both CBC and the Secretary of State of its intention to do so.

The renewal ballot sought approval for a further operating period of 4 years and 8 months, running from 1st August 2021 to 31st March 2026. A consultation period took place between January and February 2021 with all existing and proposed levy payers, before the Secretary of State was notified in February. The draft BID Business Plan would then be published in May before the ballot opened between 3rd and 29th June. On 2nd July, the ballot result would be announced, before a 28 day challenge period which would expire on 29th July. On 1st August, the second term of the BID would become operational, provided it won a majority on the ballot and was not subject to any successful challenges.

The Cabinet Member Economy and Development added that it was exciting to see the value the BID brought to the growing town centre, and also to see encouraging feedback from local businesses. It was important to provide businesses with the support that they needed.

The Leader of the Council moved to a vote, where it was unanimously:


1.       It be noted that the Cheltenham BID company has served notice of their intention to seek a renewal ballot to the Secretary of State and the Council;

2.       The draft Baseline Agreement at appendix 3 be approved, and authority be delegated to the Director of Planning, in consultation with the Leader, to complete the Baseline Agreement with the Cheltenham BID company;

3.       The draft Operating Agreement at appendix 4 be approved, and authority be delegated to the Head of Revenues and Benefits, in consultation with the Leader, to complete the Operating Agreement with the Cheltenham BID company;

4.       The District Council’s voting rights for the District premises in the renewal ballot be delegated to the Head of Property, in consultation with the Leader;

5.       It be noted that the Executive Director for Finance and Assets will, as Returning Officer, engage the services of a suitable consultancy that provides election services to carry out the renewal ballot on behalf of the Council in accordance with the BID Regulations;

6.       The draft BID Business Plan at appendix 5 be noted, and authority be delegated to the Director of Planning, in consultation with the Leader, to agree the final BID Business Plan with Cheltenham BID.


Briefing from Cabinet Members


The Cabinet Member Cyber and Safety noted the significant decrease in Covid numbers across the county in the last few months, which was wonderful news for Cheltenham and everywhere else.

The Cabinet Member Clean and Green Environment noted that he was not seeking re-election after 16 years as a member and 7 years in the Cabinet, and listed some of the authority’s achievements during that time. He was particularly proud of the improvements to waste and recycling in the borough, renewed fleets, improved interactions with the public, the delivery of the new crematorium, upgraded play areas and allotments, the move towards sustainable planting and the retention of Green Flag status. He also thanked officers and members involved in maintaining and improving services during the Covid crisis. He stressed that it had all been the result of a team effort by a wide range of people who were committed and dedicated to the town.

The Cabinet Member Climate and Communities reported that the Cheltenham Zero Community Fund was live and open for bids. Bids were coming in from all over the town for community-driven projects to protect nature, improve green spaces and help fight the climate emergency. He added that since the last Cabinet meeting, the climate change team had added two new officers to contribute to its climate and carbon neutrality goals.

The Cabinet Member Corporate Services added that he would be stepping down from his Cabinet role after the elections, and thanked a number of officers and members for their support, particularly over the last year. A huge number of challenges had had to be tackled head on, both as an organisation and as a town.

The Cabinet Member Finance and Assets noted that Cabinet had been due to consider a Business Rates Relief report at this meeting, but due to changes made by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government to the business rates system, this would likely have to come to the next Cabinet meeting in June instead. He added that he was also not standing for re-election, and thanked members and officers for their help over the years. He also emphasised that he was excited about the future of the town due to the ambitious projects that the council was undertaking.

The Cabinet Member Economy and Development reported that the council was seeking to recruit four new apprentices, with further details available on its website. She added that the Cheltenham Economic Recovery Task Force’s first skills sub-group had taken place, and that she hoped to update Cabinet on many exciting projects in the coming months.

The Leader of the Council thanked the members who were stepping down for their commitment to the town and hard work over the years.

The Cabinet Member Healthy Lifestyles echoed the thanks to the departing colleagues. She noted that the effect of the Covid crisis on individuals, communities and children had been enormous, but so was the way people had come together to support each other. No Child Left Behind now  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.