Issue - decisions

Cabinet appointments to outside bodies

14/07/2022 - Cabinet appointments to outside bodies



1.    The nominations/appointments to the outside bodies as set out in Appendix 2A be made, in accordance with the following principles:

·      All nominations are made on the basis that the nominee/appointee is a representative of Cheltenham Borough Council insofar as that is compatible with any overriding legal duty to the outside body;

·      Cabinet/the Leader reserves the right at any time to withdraw/terminate a nomination/appointment which it has made;

2.    The appointments to joint committees as set out in Appendix 2B be made;

3.    The Cabinet Member responsibilities for the bodies/groups listed in Appendix 2C be noted;

4.    The nominations/appointments to the West Cheltenham Partnership (formerly Hesters Way Partnership) and Sandford Park Lido be referred to full Council for determination as a consensus cannot be achieved between all the Political Groups of the Council, and, in those circumstances, the matter falls to be decided by the full Council under the terms of the Constitution.