Issue - decisions

Budget Strategy and Process 2022/23

11/11/2021 - Budget Strategy and Process 2022/23


1.    The budget setting timetable at Appendix 2 be approved;

2.    The outline budget strategy outlined in section 4 be approved;

3.    The pressures in addition to the £1.044m overspend reported in the August 2021 budget monitor and the large amount of work which will be required to close this gap be noted;

4.    The intention for this Council to remain in the Gloucestershire Business Rates Pool in 2022/23 as outlined in section 5 be noted;

5.    Suggestions from the Budget Scrutiny Working Group be considered by the Section 151 Officer, Deputy Section 151 Officer and the Cabinet Member for Finance and Assets in preparing the interim budget proposals for 2022/23.