Issue - decisions

Vendor opportunities

23/12/2020 - Kiosk opportunities in the Parks


1.    The objections to the S123 Notices be considered;

2.    Subject to consideration of the objections, authority be delegated to the Executive Director Finance and Assets to:

a) secure vendors for the opportunities 2 - 4  via public advertisement  and  with a view to the commencement of the new agreements on 1st March 2021;

b) offer trial periods (not longer than 9 months) for sites 5 and 6 on appropriate temporary legal agreements, at these locations subject to the consultation and due diligence work being completed;

3.    That for those opportunities listed that there is not a requirement to come back to a Cabinet meeting to conclude the lettings, and that the Executive Director Finance and Assets or appropriately delegated officer allows completion via an Officer Decision Notice in consultation with Cabinet Members Finance & Assets and Clean & Green Environment.