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22/01077/FUL Springfield, 9 Walnut Close, Cheltenham, GL52 3AF


The planning officer introduced the application as published.


There were 2 public speakers on the issue.  The applicant and an objector.


The objector made the following points:


-       Three properties in the space is excessive as they will be crammed into the available space.

-       Two properties would fit perfectly in the space the third plot will be 6.5 meters wide whilst the other plots are an average of 14.5 meters.

-       As there are no proposed garages at the new properties cars will park in front of the properties and the feeling of the space will be spoilt.  He believed that it will contravene paragraph 5.1 of the Cheltenham plan.

-       Three storey houses are not in keeping with the rest of the properties in the road.

-       Two detached properties are far more appropriate for the space.



The applicant made the following points:


-       He stated that he along with his brother have built 37 homes across 17 sites in Cheltenham in recent years.

-       The architects panel has no objection to the proposal.

-       The Civic Society confirmed that the plot could easily support 3 houses.

-       He confirmed that no trees protected or otherwise would be effected by the plan.

-       The Gloucestershire Highways assessment raised no objections to the scheme.

-       It will be one of the first new build developments to embrace the new requirements set out in the Climate Change SPD.


The responses to Member questions were as follows:


-       There are no garages as part of the application and it is assumed that the electric charging points for vehicles will either be free standing or attached to the property.

-       The history of the numbering in the road is not known.

-       The energy advisor for the agent advised that two solar panels are sufficient for the properties.

-       The details for the air source heat pump have been requested.


The matter then went to Member debate where the following points were made:


-       This is an elegant road and it is a shame that the property is not listed and will be demolished.

-       Three properties are too many for the site and that the lack of garages is a failing.

-       There was speculation that two solar panels are enough.

-       Commend the developer for previous developments in the town however there was feeling that three properties are excessive for the size of the site.

-       As there are no garages there was concern that the front gardens will become car parks and this is not in keeping with Walnut Close.

-       After planning view it was more obvious that three properties could fit on the site quite easily.  Happy to vote with the officers recommendation.

-       There needs to be a sensible approach to maximising use of redeveloping sites as there is no wish for there to be high rise apartments on sites such as this.

-       There is room for three decent sized properties and as the plot is set back will be minimal effect on the street.



The matter then went to the vote on the officers recommendation to permit:

FOR: 6











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