Agenda item

Final General Fund Revenue and Capital Budget Proposals 2023

Report of the Cabinet Member Finance and Assets to follow


The Cabinet Member Finance and Assets presented the report, noting that it also did not differ significantly from the proposals put out for consultation. Officers’ predictions for the local government funding settlement based on the Budget speech had been essentially dead on, which showed their knowledge and experience. The budget aimed to reset and refocus so that corporate priorities could continue to be delivered even when facing financial challenges. He thanked officers for their diligence and hard work.

The Leader thanked the Cabinet Member Finance and Assets for his work on the finance reports considered by Cabinet, and moved to the vote, where it was unanimously:


1.    The revised budget for 2021/22, which is also reported separately in the 2021/22 budget monitor for 31 December 2021, be approved;

2.    The budget assessment by the Section 151 Officer at Appendix 2 be considered in agreeing the following recommendations;

3.    The final budget proposals be approved, including a proposed council tax increase for the services provided by Cheltenham Borough Council for the year 2022/23 based on a Band D property (an increase of 2.28% or £5.00 a year for a Band D property), as detailed in paragraphs 4.14 to 4.19;

4.    The savings/additional income totalling £1,507,000 and the budget strategy at Appendix 4 be approved;

5.    The use of reserves and general balances and note the projected level of reserves, as detailed at Appendix 5, be approved;

6.    The capital programme at Appendix 6 be approved;

7.    The programmed maintenance programme at Appendix 7 be approved;

8.    The flexible use of capital receipts strategy as detailed in Appendix 8 be approved;

9.    It be noted that the Council will remain in the Gloucestershire business rates pool for 2022/23 (paragraphs 4.4 to 4.13);

10.  The Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) detailed in Appendix 9 be approved;.

11.  The Pay Policy Statement for 2022/23, including the continued payment of a living wage supplement at Appendix 10, be approved;

12.  A level of supplementary estimate of £100,000 for 2022/23, as outlined in Section 14, be approved.

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