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Overview & Scrutiny Committee

This page lists the meetings for Overview & Scrutiny Committee.

Please note that from 14 May 2020, unless otherwise stated, public meetings will take place remotely, with members of the public being able to "attend" via the Cheltenham Borough Council You Tube channel. (You do not require a You Tube account for this).

In the event of any apparent failure of the technology being used for a virtual meeting and consequentially the live streaming of the public meeting fails, the meeting will either be adjourned until such time as it is re-established, or closed and the remaining business transacted at a later date.


Information about Overview & Scrutiny Committee

Overview and Scrutiny aims to promote open and transparent decision-making, democratic accountability and to hold the Cabinet to account for its actions.


The Overview and Scrutiny Committee is responsible for ensuring that the overview and scrutiny process is operating effectively and is making a difference for local people.  The committee’s role includes commissioning scrutiny task groups.


It is led by elected councillors, who carry out work both in committee and outside of the formal committee process.  Overview and Scrutiny members are not members of the Council’s Cabinet and do not make Executive Decisions, but they set their own agenda and can make recommendations to Cabinet/Council for policy development and improvement.


Scrutiny does not just look at the way the Council does things, it can look at anything that affects the lives of people in Cheltenham and allows residents to have a greater say in Council matters.


If you would like to know more about how Overview and Scrutiny operates in the Borough you may find the set of scrutiny guidelines that have been developed useful.


More information about what has been achieved through Overview and Scrutiny in recent years is contained in the Overview and Scrutiny Annual reports;










If you would like the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to set up a task group to look at a *particular issue then you can contact you Ward Councillor who can put forward the topic on your behalf, or you submit a topic registration form.


* Please note that there is a limit to the amount of task groups that can be in operation at any one time and it will be for the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to decide whether it can investigate the issues that you suggest. The Overview and Scrutiny Committee cannot deal with Planning or Licensing matters or complaints as there are other processes for dealing with them.  


Are you interested in a particular agenda item?  Why not attend a meeting to find out more and see the Overview and Scrutiny Committee in action.


Meeting dates/times (past, present and future) are advertised on our website, along with agendas and reports. 


Perhaps you are interested in a review that a Task Group is about to undertake and you would like to contribute your views on the matter.  You can do this by contacting democratic services, however, it is best if you can provide these comments at an early stage of any review in order that the Task Group can consider them properly.