Issue - decisions

Final General Fund Revenue and Capital Budget Proposals 2023

17/02/2022 - Final General Fund Revenue and Capital Budget Proposals 2023


1.    The revised budget for 2021/22, which is also reported separately in the 2021/22 budget monitor for 31 December 2021, be approved;

2.    The budget assessment by the Section 151 Officer at Appendix 2 be considered in agreeing the following recommendations;

3.    The final budget proposals be approved, including a proposed council tax increase for the services provided by Cheltenham Borough Council for the year 2022/23 based on a Band D property (an increase of 2.28% or £5.00 a year for a Band D property), as detailed in paragraphs 4.14 to 4.19;

4.    The savings/additional income totalling £1,507,000 and the budget strategy at Appendix 4 be approved;

5.    The use of reserves and general balances and note the projected level of reserves, as detailed at Appendix 5, be approved;

6.    The capital programme at Appendix 6 be approved;

7.    The programmed maintenance programme at Appendix 7 be approved;

8.    The flexible use of capital receipts strategy as detailed in Appendix 8 be approved;

9.    It be noted that the Council will remain in the Gloucestershire business rates pool for 2022/23 (paragraphs 4.4 to 4.13);

10.  The Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) detailed in Appendix 9 be approved;.

11.  The Pay Policy Statement for 2022/23, including the continued payment of a living wage supplement at Appendix 10, be approved;

12.  A level of supplementary estimate of £100,000 for 2022/23, as outlined in Section 14, be approved.