Issue - decisions

Interim Budget Proposals for General Fund

23/12/2021 - Interim Budget Proposals for General Fund


1.    The interim budget proposals be approved for consultation, including a proposed council tax for the services provided by Cheltenham Borough Council. The proposed Council tax for 2022/23 represents an increase of 2.28% or £5.00 a year for a Band D property. Note the detailed schedule of target savings at Appendix 3;

2.    The proposed capital programme at Appendix 5, as outlined in Section 8, be approved;

3.    Authority be delegated to the Executive Director Finance and Assets, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Finance and Assets, to determine and approve any additional material that may be needed to support the presentation of the interim budget proposals for public consultation which will include any changes arising from the provisional settlement;

4.    Consultation responses be sought by 26 January 2022.