Issue - decisions

Community Infrastructure Levy Governance Arrangements

07/04/2022 - Community Infrastructure Levy Governance & Section 106 engagement


1.       The percentage split of CIL, in accordance with the CIL Regulations as set out in Fig 1, be noted;

2.       The governance approach for the strategic (non-neighbourhood) CIL monies be agreed, including the preparation of the Infrastructure List as set out at section 2 of this report, and engagement with Gloucester City Council and Tewkesbury Borough Council on any shared infrastructure spending, which ensures that the Cheltenham Cabinet and Council has final approval;

3.       Collaborative work be undertaken with Gloucester and Tewkesbury Councils on developing a spending mechanism for any shared CIL spending to be agreed by Cheltenham Cabinet and Council;

4.       The governance approach as set out at section 4 of this report in regard to the unparished neighbourhood element of CIL be agreed;

5.       The Head of Planning, in consultation with the Cabinet portfolio holder and Head of Finance, undertake an annual review of the CIL administration element and for this spending to be agreed annually by Cabinet as part of the Infrastructure Statement Annual Report;

6.       The proposal as set out in section 6 of this report to build enhanced transparency and engagement with ward members on S106 be agreed.