Cheltenham Borough Council
Cheltenham Borough Council

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Committee attendance

Planning Committee, 6 meetings
Member Attendances
Councillor Victoria Atherstone 3
Councillor Paul Baker 6
Councillor Garth Barnes 5
Councillor Dilys Barrell 6
Councillor Nigel Britter 1
Councillor Mike Collins 5
Councillor Stephen Cooke 5
Councillor Bernard Fisher 4
Councillor Wendy Flynn 1
Councillor Rowena Hay 2
Councillor Alex Hegenbarth 3
Councillor Karl Hobley 4
Councillor Paul McCloskey 4
Councillor Tony Oliver 6
Councillor Dennis Parsons 2
Councillor John Payne 4
Councillor Louis Savage 1
Councillor Diggory Seacome 5
Councillor Klara Sudbury 2
Councillor Simon Wheeler 5
Councillor Roger Whyborn 2