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Council Tax Resolution 2021-22

Meeting: 22/02/2021 - Council (Item 11)

11 Council Tax Resolution 2021-22 pdf icon PDF 213 KB

Report of the Cabinet Member Finance and Assets to follow

Additional documents:


The Cabinet Member for Finance and Assets, Councillor Steve Jordan, introduced his report relating to the setting of the Council Tax for the year 2021/22.  He commented that  the Council had just agreed its budget and was now required to  formally approve the total Council Tax for the residents of Cheltenham for the ensuing year,  including the Council Tax requirements of the County Council, Police and, where relevant, parishes.  He recommended members’ support.


There being no questions or comments, the Mayor moved to a recorded vote.


RESOLVED (unanimously) THAT:


·         the formal Council Tax resolution at Appendix 2 be approved

·         the commentary in respect of the increase in Council Tax at Paragraph 6 of Appendix 2 be noted.


FOR: (35): Atherstone, Babbage, Baker, Barnes, Barrell, Boyes, Britter, Coleman, Collins, Cooke, Dobie, Fisher, Flynn, Harman, Harvey, Hay, Hobley, Holliday, Horwood, Jeffries, Jordan, Mason, McCloskey, McKinlay, Oliver, Payne, Savage, Seacome, Stafford, Stennett, Sudbury, Wheeler, Whyborn, Williams, Willingham.